Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying to Find the Road Home. =)

It's been quite a VERY LONG time since I updated my blog <2007>. Lots of things already happened since that year in which I also deleted my blog during that time. I've become older and a bit more wiser than before. I learned that the best thing God can provide you while you're alive is the experience and memories that come your way. It'll build you up and make you into a better person if you follow the right things and go with the right flow... Life,just as music,is also adventurous and has it's own themes whether it be like a complicated 21/16 virtuoso or just plain 4/4 simple time signatured song.. We need to compose each day w/ our best in order to make it a hit, review the song, and do some adjustments or re-record it if needed. Inspiration is always in demand so we need to look at things around us and find any available source of inspiration and love. Start in dramatic fashion and end it in a better,if not,the best way you can.

So from this point on, January 6,2010, this is my album. The Album Called Life. Let the music play and the music blogging begin. =) Come w/ me as I venture to the road home.

Featured Artist:

Jordan Rudess (born Jordan Charles Rudes on November 4, 1956) is an American keyboardist best known as a member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

Featured album:
The Road Home is a cover album by Jordan Rudess. It was released on September 12, 2007.

Rudess's arrangements of these classic prog tracks include many sections that were not in the original songs, especially solos. Track 5 is the only original piece.

  1. Dance on a Volcano - 8:44 (Genesis tribute, from the A Trick of the Tail album, 1976)
  2. Sound Chaser - 12:54 (Yes tribute, from the Relayer album, 1974)
  3. Just the Same - 8:22 (Gentle Giant tribute, from the Free Hand album, 1975)
  4. JR Piano Medley - 8:22
  5. Piece Of the π - 3:05
  6. Tarkus - 22:47 (Emerson, Lake and Palmer tribute, from the Tarkus album, 1971)
    • Eruption (Emerson)
    • Stones of Years (Emerson, Lake)
    • Iconoclast (Emerson)
    • Mass (Emerson, Lake)
    • Manticore (Emerson)
    • Battlefield (Lake)
    • Aquatarkus (Emerson)